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debbie martin march 2023

March 2023 Salt & Light with DebbieMarch 2023 Salt & Light with Debbie

Thursday, March 23rd @ 630pm Women Seeking Faith

debbie martin speaker february 2023

February 2023 Salt & Light with DebbieFebruary 2023 Salt & Light with Debbie

Thursday, February 23rd @ 630pm Women Seeking Faith

Women’s Cancer Support Group

Established in 2004, Footsteps to Hope is a Northern Colorado non-profit organization that provides resources and support to women diagnosed with breast cancer or female reproductive cancers. In 2003, three local women were diagnosed with breast cancer at the same time. They supported each other during this difficult time. Realizing how truly blessed they were to have such a strong support system when the need was greatest, they understood the need for other women in the community to have access to the same help and support. They created Footsteps to Hope, a women’s cancer support group to help other breast cancer survivors in our community.

Visit our meetings page to learn more.